Wilson Tour Velocity – Tour Distance Golf Balls

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Wilson Tour Velocity – tour distance golf balls provide optimal distance from tee to green and feature low-mid compression core to ensure a better feel and playability on short game and approach shots. These low compression balls utilise the WS400 Dimple pattern for longer ball flight and have a new advanced 2-piece construction. They also feature the Ionomer outer cover layer to provide shot-stopping spin on approach shots and come in a box of 15.


Key features

  • Tour Distance
  • Optimal Tour Distance from tee to green
  • Low-mid compression core
  • Optimised dimple pattern
  • New advanced 2-piece construction
    • Compression: Low
    • Layers: 2-Piece
    • Dimple Count: WS400 Dimple pattern
    • Ball Type: Distance
    • Cover: Ionomer
    • The pack includes 15 balls


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