WILSON Staff Zip Golf Balls [24-Ball] Pack

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WILSON Staff Zip Golf Balls [24-Ball] Pack

The new Wilson Staff Zip Golf Ball combines a premium surlyn ionomer cover and low compression to offer an amazing tour like soft feel. The 302 PhD aerodynamics dimple pattern features unique flat-bottomed, shallow dimples that rip through the air to create a stable, penetrating flight. With minimal spin off the tee while and a powerful penetrating ball flight the Wilson Zip golf ball offers maximum spin with short irons and wedges. The patented Zero compression core combines with a speed-generating ionomer cover to achieve both feel and distance.

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls – 24 Ball Pack – Features:

Premium Surlyn Ionomer covers offers a tour ball feel
Low 50 compression core offers controlled spin
302 PhD aerodynamics flat bottomed, shallow dimples
Specially formulated core provides maximum energy return
Patented Zero Compression Core
Stable penetrating ball flight
Bonus Double Dozen 24 Ball Pack
Authorized Wilson Retailer

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