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Wilson Staff Infinite Windy City Golf Putter




Wilson Staff Infinite Windy City Golf Putter

his Wilson Staff Infinite Windy City Putter makes for a consistent and more controllable putting stroke thanks to the counterbalanced technology incorporated in this club. It also gets its name from Wilson’s home town – Chicago.
The Wilson Staff Infinite Windy City Putter uses Counterbalance technology. This means placing additional weighting in the grip end of the club and also in the head itself. This brings the point of balance closers to the hands and this alone changes the whole balance of the club making for an easy to control swing as well as making sure the putting stroke is consistence time after time.
The additional weight in the grip area changes the balance point to be closer to the hands and creates a higher moment of inertia for the entire club. This generates a more controlled and stable putting stroke time after time.

Wilson Staff Infinite Windy City Putter features:

  • Counterbalance Design
  • Grip Weight Technology
  • Tour Proven
  • 1 Year Guarantee
Adding even more consistency to the putting stroke is the oversized, 104g Infinate grips. This softens hand action, irradiates arm and wrist ro9tation and generally leads to the same, controlled putting stroke each time you step up to the ball.
Padraig Harrington actually used the South Side model at the Italian Open in August 2014. He made these great comments n this fantastic putter: “This putter is better than good; I trust the look of the rounded shape and centre shaft and am thrilled we developed a counterbalanced offering.”
This Infinite Windy City putter also comes with its own branded head cover.

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