Wilson Staff Fybrid FY 27* Degree Multi Purpose Wood


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Wilson Staff Fybrid FY 27* Degree Multi Purpose Wood Now Only £69.95 27* Degree FY Wood Not a fairway wood, not a hybrid. At 27 degree loft and 41′ length, it’s the easiest-to-hit long club that Wilson have ever produced The Wilson Staff Fybrid RS Rocker Sole (RS) series combines three club head technologies which work together to make ball-striking easier. A rounded sole profile creates a symmetrical look at address which concentrates the golfers mind on the sweet spot of the club. A dual rail sole promotes cleaner turf interaction by lowering the leading edge, enabling cleaner contact from a variety of lies. 1. Heavy Sole Design : Moves the centre or gravity deeper and lower to give you a higher and strong ball flight for increased distance. 2. Dual Rail Sole : Reduces turf interaction and dragging by lowering the leading edge, this gives you a cleaner ball connection from all lies. 3. Clubface Forgiveness : Each of the Fybrid clubs are crafted from Stainless Steel and offer tremendous forgiveness on off centre strikes. 4. Performance Shaft : Comes fitted as standard with the highly rated UST Mamiya VTS graphite shaft which gives increased distance and stability.


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