Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Distance Golf Balls


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Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Distance Golf Balls Now Only £15.95 With its introduction two years ago, Dx2 Soft raised the expectation of a two-piece distance ball. With distance to match the longest ball in the category, Dx2 Soft offers unmatched feel. For 2010, the redesigned Dx2 Soft maintains its distance and feel advantage, and adds Traction Control Technology for even better overall performance. Super-soft, High Velocity Core The softest core in the game today utilizes advancements in rubber chemistry to maintain high initial velocity. HPF Speed Mantle The speed-generating HPF mantle encases the low compression core to generate higher spin. Thin, Responsive Ionomer Cover A thin, responsive ionomer cover delivers soft feel with maximum durability and improved scuff-resistance. PhD Aerodynamics Large, flat-bottomed, shallow dimples deliver a stable, penetrating ball flight. Traction Control Technology On the mulitlayer D:25, traction control integrates with the thin urethane to generate the highest spin possible off of club faces with the 25 deg of loft or more for ultimate shot-making and scoring.


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