Wilson DYNAPOWER 11-Piece Premium Club Set (Steel/Graphite) & Carry Bag

Wilson Dynapower Carbon Golf Driver


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Wilson DYNAPOWER 11-Piece Premium Club Set (Steel/Graphite)

Wilson DYNAPOWER 11-Piece Premium Golf Club Set
Introducing the all-new Wilson Dynapower. Specifically designed for players looking to maximize distance with straighter ball flight.

Set includes:

Wilson Dynapower Driver – 10.5° Regular (includes headcover)
Wilson Dynapower Fairway – 3 Wood 15° Regular (includes headcover)
Wilson Dynapower – 4 Hybrid 22° Regular (includes headcover)
Wilson Dynapower Irons- 5 to PW & SW Steel Uniflex (7 Irons)

Irons Shaft & Grip Option
KBS Max Ultralite Steel Shaft Uniflex
Lamkin Crossline 360 Grip

Woods Shaft & Grip Option
Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX
Lamkin Crossline 360 Grip




  • Wilson Exo Lite Dynapower Golf Stand Bag
    Feature Packed With Comfortable CarryingThe new Wilson EXO Lite stand bag has a premium, modern design for the carry bag player who requires great features with a lightweight design.

    The EXO Lite bag is made from sturdy lightweight materials that delivers plenty of convenience and functionality without weighing you down. Designed with a new sturdy stand system, 2 full-length dividers and integrated handle.

    With ergonomic padded straps and a 2-in-1 self balancing shoulder strap, the EXO Lite stand bag is a premium performer for the serious golfer.

Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham putter

This Wilson Staff Infinite putter makes for a consistent and more controllable putting stroke thanks to the counterbalanced technology incorporated in this club. The putter has a double milled face, which promotes a more consistent ball roll for better distance control. Plus features a dark anti-glare finish with parallel and perpendicular sight lines to simplify alignment for all players

The Wilson Staff Putter Features:

  • Counterbalance Design
  • Double Milled Face
  • Dark Anti-Glare Finish
  • 1-Year Guarantee
The putter uses Counterbalance Technology, this features additional placed weighting in the grip end of the club and head. This brings the point of balance closers to the hands and this alone changes the whole balance of the club making for an easy to control swing as well as making sure the putting stroke is consistent time after time.
Adding even more consistency to the putting stroke is the oversized, 104g Infinite grip. This softens hand action, irradiates arm and wrist rotation, and generally leads to the same, controlled putting stroke each time you step up to the ball.


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