Srixon Distance Golf Balls. NEW Ball


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Srixon Distance Golf Balls. NEW Ball

Srixon Distance

Srixon Distance Golf Balls. NEW Ball

As its name implies, Srixon Distance Golf Ball is ideal for people who want to gain a lot more yards in their shots. The performance of this type of golf ball is consistent in any wind condition. And golfers who have a club speed of 80 can definitely enjoy using this ball together with their other golf products.

Features – This two-piece ball has features that would enhance your gameplay. And those features are:

Cover Design – The ball’s cover is very tough, and it has an ionomer surface. Because of that, the ball can offer longer drive shots to its user. On the other hand, the ball is resistant to cuts.

Core Design – Srixon has used highly resilient material for this product’s core. And its Srixon spliced the core with its Energetic Gradient Growth technology to make sure it will be always sturdy.

Core Compression – On the other hand, Srixon has softly compressed the ball’s core to let the golfer have high angle shots with relatively low spin. Also, because of the soft compression, the ball will launch with high and excellent initial velocity.

Dimple Design – Together with its core compression and ball design, its dimple design choice further empowers its capability to reach far locations. It has a 420 configuration that is proven as an effective design that makes this ball a penetrating trajectory.

Benefits – Newbie golfers will definitely benefit from this ball’s ability to lower down the effects of the strength and direction of the wind. On the other hand, because of its sturdiness, the ball can serve them a long time. The ball will not crack or receive any cut after multiple uses.

Opinion – 
If you want a two-piece golf ball, a Srixon Distance Golf Ball is your perfect choice. It is ideal for beginners and pros alike. Any golfer will surely enjoy its wind penetrating ball flight action.

Alternatively, because of its high repulsion energetic gradient growth core, it can cover long distances. The core will absorb the impact of the club. Then, it will release it to gain extra momentum on its flight.

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