Longridge Pin Point Laser Range Finder

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LONGRIDGE ADVANCED PIN POINT LASER RANGE FINDER Only £129.95 The Range Finder is an advanced laser range finder system that rapidly provides an accurately measured distance out to 600m. with it’s unique optical properties the Range Finder provides sharp clear images under all conditions and can be used as high quality spotting monocular so you may want to leave the bins at home. Features 6x magnification multi-coated optics +/- 1 yard accuracy easy finger-tip operation Through-the-lens distance display The range finder is adapted with the latest digital circuit design and optical system that is superior to other models in lens quality and reliability. Laser Range Finder Can be used on any course Gives exact distance to pin No subscription fee Unlimited use on any course Can measure to any object provide instant information from power up More affordable & better value for money Dimensions – 39x110x69mm Rain feature conpensates for precipitation to gurantee an accurate distance measurement through rain or snow Reflector feature increases the maximum measurement range for most highly reflective object Weight – 165g



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