Longridge 800S Laser Distance Finder

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Longridge 800S Laser Distance Finder Only £159.00


Longridge 800S Laser

The Longridge 800-S Laser Distance Finder is the latest in a range of premium distance measurers, allowing you to gain the accurate distance of any object or location within 800 meters.

  • Use the one touch scan function to pan the landscape while viewing a continually updated distance with the through-the lens LCD distance display.
  • The 6x magnification allows you to accurate pin point the object you want to scan, with eye-piece focussing to ensure a crisp image.
  • The Range Finder is adapted with the latest digital circuit design and optical system that is superior to other models in lens quality and reliability.
  • The Longridge 800-S is suitable for a range of outdoor activities, including golf, hunting, hiking surveying and sailing.
  • One touch scan allows you to pan across the landscape while viewing a continually updated distance.
  • Size: H13.9cm, W17.3cm, D6.6cm.
  • (included).
  • Manufacturer’s 2 year guarantee.


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