Lignum Tee 3 1/8in pk 12 White



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Lignum Tee 3 1/8in pk 12 White


The power of a new material

To innovate, one needs to think out of the box. We have invested significant time and effort looking for a material that brings about the highest benefits to the new Tee. None of the already used materials satisfied the newly created very demanding specifications. Lab tests have shown that neither synthetic materials nor natural wood could provide the required levels of flexibility, stability and sturdiness, along with sustainability, aggregated into a single product. To overcome the situation, we decided to become trailblazers and to develop a new material – we have created Microwood. Based on wood fiber and natural adhesives, it has all the qualities needed by the outstanding golf Tee we set out to produce.

Stability and flexibility

Microwood can provide the required levels of both Stability and Flexibility. It can take much stronger hits with no deformation. The optimal flexibility is achieved by incorporating into the structure the right amount of polymer fiber. This also reduces the hit resistance to a minimum. Tests have shown that, in addition, the Lignum Tee much outlives traditional Tees. All these allow driving the golf ball further and constantly improving your performance.

Environmental Friendliness

In addition to creating the best golf Tee ever, we set out to also protect the environment. Microwood utilizes preponderantly wood particles, a drop-off from lumber processing. This way, we do not need to sacrifice trees, so that we can preserve one of the most valuable resources of our planet, while putting in your hands an outstanding product.

Anti-Spin Surface

Lignum Tee feels smooth, silky and very comfortable; it is highly likeable. These features are brought about by the new material. More important, however, is that the contact of the golf ball with this new material creates a reduced backspin rate, which results into a much longer drive distance, an important practical advantage.


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