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GOLF GROOVE SHARPENER WITH NEW EASY TO USE HANDLE ONLY £15.99 Over time, bunker play wears groove edges and faces- reducing spin performance. Adding one new wedge with new grooves into a worn set makes distance control challenging because of inconsistent spin performance between wedges. So the answer is The Groove Sharpener. GROOVE SHARPENER FACTS – GET MORE BACKSPIN ON WEDGE SHOTS – TWO DIFFERENT ENDS FOR SHARPENING – SHARPENS BOTH U & V GROOVES – SHARPENS ALL GROOVE SIZES – SHARPEN OLD WEDGES NEW AGAIN – SHARPEN GROOVES TO THE USGA LIMIT – VERY EASY TO USE – SHOOT LOWER SCORES WITH THE GROOVE SHARPENER – GROOVESHARPENER.COM IS ENGRAVED ON THE TOOL – U GROOVE END & V GROOVE END ARE BOTH ENGRAVED ON THE TOOL THE GROOVE SHARPENER NOW COMES WITH AN EASY TO USE HANDLE How to use the Groove Sharpener. 1-Clean you club heads with soap and water to remove debris and wipe dry. Place masking/painters tape on the toe, heel and socket of the club, leaving the grooves exposed for servicing. Apply a few drops of lightweight oil to grooves; this will lubricate the cutting edge. This tool will work on all your irons and wedges that conform to the USAGA and R&A Guidelines. -Place the shaft of the club on your shoulder and hold the club head firmly in your hand. Place the desired end of the tool in the groove to be sharpened at about a 60-90 degree angle with you dominant hand. Holding the tool in your dominant hand, apply firm downward pressure, pushing the tool thru the grooves towards the socket removing any nicks or rolled over metal. Repeat until the grooves are free of obstructions and sharp. If the grooves are severely damaged it may be easier to pull the sharpener thru the grooves instead of pushing it. 3-Maintain you grooves by placing the U or V shaped end in the groove at a 80-90 degree angle to the face and move back and forth thru the grooves. Make sure the tool is firmly seated in the bottom of the grooves. This will keep the walls of the grooves straight and sharp and the bottom of the grooves smooth. 4-It may take 20-30 minutes to recondition badly damaged grooves. Once you have the grooves sharpened it is easy to maintain them after every couple of rounds. Use the tool to clean the grooves in between hits. With some practice you will be able to spin the ball with your new grooves. Your GROOVE SHARPENER is made of heat treated tool steel which measures a hardness of 62-64 Rockwell. Because the tool is so hard it will not loose its cutting edge like other groove tools. The tool has two sharpening ends. One end is V shape so you can cut V shaped grooves and the other is square shape so you can cut square grooves. USE THE TOOL TO CLEAN THE GROOVES IN-BETWEEN SHOTS


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