Benross HTX Gold Golf Chipper


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Benross HTX Gold Chipper

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Benross HTX Gold Chipper

Designed with a sleek contour sole, the Benross chipper is ideal for golfers who struggle around greens. The club has 37 degree`s of loft and an alignment aid on the stretch cavity which helps you line your shots up to the hole. This is the ideal choice of club for those short pitches and chips around the green, than a traditional wedge or irons. The chipper is fitted with a top of the range Kuro Kage Black graphite shaft and has a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip for added value and quality.

The Benross HTX Gold Chipper features:

  • Putter Style Alignment Aid
  • Stretched Scoop Cavity Back
  • 37 Degrees Loft
  • 1-Year Guarantee & Kuro Kage Black Graphite Shaft/Tour Velvet 360 Grip


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