Benross HTX Compressor Gold Fairway 5 Wood


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Benross HTX Compressor Gold Fairway 5 Wood

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The HTX Compressor provides outstanding performance at an affordable price, enabling more golfers with slower swing speeds to hone and improve their long game. To give more distance the fairway features a COMPRESSOR Technology Response Channel for increased ball speed, plus heel and toe weight cells increase the moment of inertia which combines for more forgiveness. The fairway has a superior 2-piece stainless steel construction with heat treated face that combine to give the golfer greater performance on the golf course.

The HTX Compressor Fairway Features:

  • Two Piece 17-4 AV Stainless Steel Construction
  • Heat Treated Face & Heel & Toe Weight Cells
  • COMPRESSOR Technology Response Channel
  • 1-Year Guarantee & Kuro Kage Black TiNi Graphite Shaft / Lamkin UTX Non Cord
  • ClubLoftLieLengthSwing WeightGripShaft
    518°58°43.25″D1Lamkin UTXKuro Kage Black TiNi

This Benross fairway also comes with its own branded head cover.


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