Ben Sayers Benny ADZ Putter + Head Cover

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Ben Sayers Benny ADZ Putters Only £49.99 Features Encompassing the very best in modern classical design The milled face delivers the highest performance possible, superior control with precision accuracy Features a stepless steel shafts and Golf Pride V-RAD grip as standard for a superior look and feel Includes Benny headcover Next day delivery Only £4.99 Review from the magazine Todays Golfer Rating The Ben Sayers(http://www.thegolfstore4u.co.uk/Shared/PageTemplates/MakesAndModels/ModelLanding.aspx?id=26780) Benny Adz putter was one of the suprises of the day. The guys rated ADZ’s look, with Pete especially loving its simplicity. Our pro gave it 4/5 in all of the subjective categories but did say it felt slightly heavier.


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