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24 Srixon Z-URS 2 Dozen Pearl Grade


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24 Srixon Z-URS 2 Dozen Pearl Grade Mint. ONLY £27.95 FOR 24 ( 2 DOZEN) PEARL MINT GRADE Incredible Urethane Performance just got better. Srixon Z-URS features a urethane cover which is the softest urethane cover Srixon has ever created. This formulation provides the ultimate in control-shot shaping spin control, pinpoint distance control and stroke saving short game control. And the best part is that this exceptional control does not come at the expense of distance. Thats because the large Energetic Gradient Growth core provides exceptional ball velocity combined with ideal high launch angle, low spin launch conditions for greater carry and distance. Finally, the high trajectory 330 dimple pattern provides a strong and penetrating trajectory in all wind conditions. USER BENEFITS Superb soft feel on all shots from tee to green Superb approach iron and greenside spin control Higher initial velocity for greater carry and distance PEARL GRADE MINT, SUPERB QUALITY GOLF BALLS these balls will perform as they would new out of the box. Imperfections are very minor, if not unnoticeable. We can GUARANTEE your satisfaction. Balls may contain a random mix of logos (unless otherwise stated). We can GUARANTEE your satisfaction Carriage only £4.99


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